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Negotiating Legal Fees with a Personal Injury Attorney


Accidents are devastating. At all costs, people try to avoid causing accidents. Despite such measures from most drivers, others fail to observe road rules and end up running into other vehicles or passersby. Failing to adhere to existing rule can be due to negligence or driving under the influence. Given the idea, it is important to have professional legal representation when you want to sue a reckless driver. With such representation, a person has to find and hire an attorney whereby negotiating the legal is an important part of the process.


The siegfried and jensen firm should be hired. You will start by finding the appropriate contact details. Lawyer's contacts are easy to find. The first place a person should check is on websites. You will find the email address and phone contact on the official site of an attorney if he is working independently. Otherwise, law firm websites will display lawyer's contacts under their profiles. This option is good since lawyers provide correct contact details when joining a law firm or bar association.


Having established some communication with a prospective lawyer, you should start talking about the legal fees. It is common for lawyers to ask for consultation fees. If you are able to pay the same, proceed to do so as you want the services right away. For the negotiation meeting, you should not pay any money. Your financial status is always the biggest determinant in the amount of money you will manage to pay. A person can also choose an attorney based on his legal fee rates. A siegfried and jensen lawyer should be hired.


Apart from your financial level, the extent of your injury will also play a part in determining the legal fee. Serious or catastrophic injury lawsuits tend to drag in court. Making many court appearances mean that a person and his lawyer will have to spend money and resources. Given the idea, the legal fee will be higher compared to less serious injuries that take a short time to get compensated. Catastrophic injuries may also require a lot of resources in doing investigation and collecting evidence. To understand more about personal injury lawyer, check out


Negotiating the legal fee can be open ended whereby the attorney is ready to consider your suggestions. In such situations, you can agree to pay the legal charges from part of the compensation money received after winning a lawsuit. The mentioned agreement is usually possible for attorneys who work on contingency basis. An agreed percentage of the compensation money will cover for the above charges.